Ropetopia performs consultation services for start-up businesses involved in the Ropes course and Climbing sector ranging from entrepreneurs to architectural firms. Our highly professional team of sales executives, financial specialists, designers and engineers can help you successfully develop your business plan from the most initial stage of your concept.


Ropetopia design team is experienced in art design solutions and over the past years has delivered numerous designs and many happy customers. Our in-house team of several dedicated designers and architects create ropes courses catered to every need, target and space available.


Ropetopia offers a wide range of ropes course products to its customers. All of them regardless of their purpose are designed and constructed by a team of specially trained and certified engineers and architects. Our facilities have a strong visual appeal and unparalleled safety, aiming to add exceptional value to your business. Оur engineering excellence and passion for quality, innovation and safety help us design and create products that are visually stunning, incredibly safe and able to withstand years of heavy use.


As part of the turn-key solutions Ropetopia ensures all installation of ropes courses are performed by highly specialized teams of assembly technicians working in accordance with safety standards including EN15567-1 and EN13411-1.


One of the most important things for each operator and owner of a Ropetopia product is to have a properly built and easy to operate ropes course. Our team of professionals can meet with your staff to train them about course operations, safety and technical skills, emergency planning and adventure course care. In addition to staff training, we can assist you with marketing strategies and guidelines for profitability.

Integrated solutions

We believe inspections are paramount to long term safety. As part of our services experts can conduct safety inspections of the equipment and installation of your ropes course regularly. They will inspect the facilities and if necessary replace worn or unsafe components and equipment from the facility. This will ensure the continued safe use of the ropes courses.